Our STUdio

Jay Thompson - CatWorks
7 Marjean Court
Kirkwood, MO, 63122
United States

Being an artist I tend to not have business hours, plus our studio  is our residence, so you can't just drop by and say "What's on the easel?"  At least not without calling. Here's our number (314) 960-2079. I will hang-up on all spam, but will chat with ALL art lovers concerned about cat heads on human bodies...the proper depth of KOI ponds and why we should fear Trump.


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Below are a few more random thoughts...

CUTE and COOL: "Isn't that cute" or "How cute is that"...my attention will waiver. Less than 10% will buy and when they do $15 is generally the top limit of cute. "Cool!" or "That is so cool"...much better. 30% will buy, and only one's personal economy sets the limit.

ANTHROPOMORPHISM: The giving of human characteristics to animals, so says Wikipedia. I’d rather say WHIMSICAL SURREALISM.

ALWAYS: Mat and frame to taste. never follow some decorators snooty-thoughts on objet d’art. I find extremely simple or wildly ornate satisfy best.


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